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When is it time for a HR Reset?

One of the solutions we offer at HRhelp is a HR Reset. But when do you need it? And how does it work exactly? In this blogpost we do our best to answer your questions.

How do you know when it’s time for a HR Reset?

Let’s put that question into perspective first. Let’s say you have been driving the same car for 10 years straight. You obviously love that car, but chances are that flaws are beginning to appear. Besides that, your situation has changed a lot over the years. Based on your current needs, you might need a bigger car – or a smaller one. You’re also wondering if your car still meets the requirements of the law, and if it will stay that way - especially now that electric vehicles are on the rise. The answers to these questions are indicators that will tell you if it’s time for a change. However it can be challenging to seek these answers yourself. Sometimes you need an expert on the matter.

The similarities between a new car and a change in HR

Asking yourself if you need a new car is in some way similar to determining if it’s time for a HR Reset. It’s good to wonder about your company’s needs. Does your current HR setup still represents the needs and demands of your organization? HRhelp is the expert to help you figure that out. Via our HR Reset solution we offer you a rock solid plan that is tailored towards your specific situation. Our clear cut advice will help you move forward with the right tools.

Which steps can you take right now?

You can ask yourself some basic questions to find indicators that tell if it’s time for a change. For example: How high is our staff turnover rate? How often do we match with shortlist candidates? Is there enough internal mobility? Do we still have benefits in place that align with the trends in the market and the need of our employees?

You could also ask yourself the question to what extent your HR department is actively involved in determining and realizing the strategic direction of your organization. Do they play an active role in this? Do they activate staff engagement with their systems? Do they stand alongside management and between staff while carrying out their day-to-day work? In other words: Is your HR department aligned with the needs of your organization?

It could be that your HR department is very much focused on performing administrative tasks, while there’s actually more of a need for a strategic partner. Maybe administrative processes are all kept on paper, while digital solutions can make life so much easier – leaving precious time to think of new ways to add value to the organization and the business.

While companies are growing it’s most likely for them to notice a need for change in order to stay efficient as a business. More employees equals more processes that will have to be automated in order to keep the machine running at full speed with all heads in the same direction.

This is what HRhelp can do for you

We can approach your HR from a broad organizational perspective and advise you based on your companies’ specific needs. In our research we focus on the added value of HR; we want to know how your HR contributes to the greater purpose of your organization. To find out we will go in-depth with your HR team, management and employees. We will bring insight into how your HR is currently perceived by the business and could potentially contribute more towards sales and where priorities should be refocused. With our HR Reset we will make sure that your HR strategy and HR operations are optimized and contributing to a fruitful future.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to contact us via – without any obligations. We are looking forward to hear more about your company and would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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