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Dealing with HR challenges? We can help you!

When Cornelis Leerlooijer (right) and Michael Thurkow (left) founded HRhelp, they decided it should be the mission of their company to help other companies deal with any challenges related to Human Resources. Because Cornelis & Michael are experienced HR and business leaders, both understand what drives business owners and their teams. They also know that it can be quite challenging for companies to always have the in-house experience and the right level of attention for people – while those people and expertise are the key ingredients when it comes to running a successful business.

HRhelp deals with each challenge directly and full of determination – while keeping close contact with the client. If you need help tackling any HR challenge – big or small – then you have found the right people for the job.

This is why companies choose to work with us

We offer advice that is tailored to companies’ specific circumstances and we are available to work hands-on towards their solution right away. Visit our homepage to learn more about the four main solutions that we offer – which can always be adapted to meet specific needs.

Or feel free to contact us right away for more information!

Michael Thurkow

+31 (0)6 536 006 76

Cornelis Leerlooijer

+31 (0)6 556 947 10

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